Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rob Stevens - Paddles & W/C Canoe Restoration

addling friend Rob Stevens sent in some pics of his recent paddle creations...

• 2 American Chestnut
• 2 Sassafras, including a northwoods style with notched handle
• 2 black cherry

 Notched Northwoods Grips

In addition to being busy with paddles, Rob also organizes the annual WCHA Wooden Canoe Assembly in New York State. He's also found the time to restore an old canoe for his daughter. The boat is a 14 footer from the 1960s, believed to be a Chestnut Fox or Peterborough Mermaid. 

A few years back at the annual Killbear Paddlers Rendevous, Andre Cloutier of Ravenwood Canoes brought it to showcase its original condition. In order to get it into the water, the weakened canvas was temporarily sealed with loads of duct tape. 

The magic of duct tape
Photo Credit: Andre Cloutier

Andre padding
Photo Credit: Andre Cloutier

Being a smaller guy, I'm partial to 14 footers for solo canoeing. Although my own cottage garage is getting cluttered with canoe gear, I'd be interested in acquiring another 14' vintage canoe eventually.


David said...

Nive paddles, I really like that notched grip. As for the canoe, I wish I was a smaller size so I could paddle more canoes, But my favourite size tripping canoe is a 16 footer!! I do use 17.5 as well, but prefer the 16 footer. I'm 6'2" and 230lbs.

Trevor said...

That 14' looks a whole lot like my family's Peterborough Mermaid - It's my personal favourite for soloing -- you can really make it dance.

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