Saturday, October 24, 2015

Historic Paddle Photo - Quebec Laurentide Guide Update

Found the source of one of my favourite historic photographs (see original post here).

Canoe Guide, Laurentides, Quebec
Type: Original Photogravure
Expired Ebay Link

The original Ebay seller dated it to 1926, but I came across the same image in the August 1914 edition of  Rod and Gun in Canada (Vol. XVI No. 3 ) thereby dating the image to an earlier time.  You can just make out the loaded pack cloth  filling up the hull.


David said...

I love that picture to, I'm surprise he's not polling... His paddle look much taller than him.
Thank you for sharing your find with us!


Murat said...

Thanks David. I remember reading that some Innu (Montagnais) in Quebec favoured a long narrow paddle for poling and that it influenced some old time guides in the region. I have another post about it here if you're interested.

David said...

I saw that to, I use to have a book by Paul Provencher, he was an interesting dude!!


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