Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cherry Gallery: Unique Scroll Grip Paddle

Another fascinating paddle find has been listed by the folks over at Their September 2016 page of current items has a listing of a paddle with a very interesting, assymetrical scroll grip.

Scroll Grip Canoe Paddle
Circa 1900
7" w, 66" h

Here's their writeup on this unique piece which has already sold...

We have handled hundreds of quality antique canoe paddles, but never one quite like this example which turned up in a downeast Maine estate. It is a birch paddle with a rolled grip finished on the ends with concentric ring buttons. The grip eases into a gracefully chamfered flat handle. The tapered blade has flared shoulders and a pronounced center ridge which is characteristics of northeastern Native designs. The old, slightly crazed finish is superb.

Scroll grip closeup

Scroll grip closeup

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