Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Historic Paddle Illustration: Franquelin Map

One of the earliest representations of the distinctive shaped Mi'kmaq canoes comes from a beautifully illustrated map by Jean-Baptiste Franquelin (1651–after 1712).   Map for the Clarification of Land Titles in New France is dated to 1678. A portion of modern day New Brunswick shows three Mi'kmaq figures portaging their canoes while holding paddles in their hand.

Map for the Clarification of Land Titles in New France
 Jean-Baptiste Franquelin, 1678 

Two paddlers are seen carrying a canoe on their shoulders and another figure ahead of them is single portaging towards the coast.

Mi'kmaq Portaging Closeup

Also found another closeup image which shows the canoes and paddle shapes with more detail...


f wade said...

You may also like this early image of a canoe and paddles


Murat said...

Thanks for the link!

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