Friday, May 5, 2017

Passamaquoddy Paddles and new 14' Bark Canoe

Back in March, renowned birchbark canoe builder Steve Cayard began construction of a 14 foot bark Passamaquoddy style bark canoe. Along with  boat-building interns Dan Asher and Tobias Francis, the build took four weeks to complete.  A  writeup of the recent launch appears in an online article, " Passamaquoddy Ceremony Launches Birchbark Canoe Built at LA " in The Lincoln County News.

Photo Credit: Christine LaPado-Breglia
Lincoln County News

Another set of photos appears in a facebook post of the Abbe Museum...

To add some more authenticity to the experience, the paddlers are using traditional Passamaquoddy paddles with long flat grips and decorative notches as illustrated by Figure 65 by Adney & Chappelle.

Figure 65Source Link

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David said...

What a beautiful canoe, I would love to be able to make one! I have a "friend" up here that went down in the States somewhere to make one with Jerrod M StoneDhal(spelling) and brought the boat back with him... Didn't get a chance to go se it yet!!

I would love to make one! I'm re-reading the survival of the bark canoe.... I think I might have to settle on a WC ...

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