Sunday, February 4, 2018

Historic Paddle Photo: c1900 Explorers near Kaministiquia

Here's a  photo from the site showcasing some traders with their large bark canoes and slender paddles. The photo is dated to circa 1900 and was taken near present day Thunder Bay, Ontario. The French caption translates to "Canadian Pacific Coast Explorers' Camp on the edge of Kaministiquia"

Campement d'explorateurs de la Cie du Pacifique Canadien sur le bord de la Kaministiquia (lac Supérieur, ThunderBay, Ontario) . - Vers 1900  
BAnQ, P407 S2, D1, P2
Domaine Public

In the background, there are two paddlers standing at the bow of the trade canoe stabilizing the craft with their paddles. The slender blade designs are clearly evident in the posed photo.

Closeup of paddles

Another crewman, possibly someone of importance to the expedition, is standing at the far right. He poses closer to the camera and reveals a close up of the ridged, narrow paddle design. The blade looks to have some sort of painted decoration.

c1900 "voyageur" paddle design

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W. Bruce Clark said...

"Cie du Pacifique Canadien sur le bord de la Kaministiquia" translates to Canadian Pacific Company on the banks of the Kaministiquia.

So think CP Rail surveyors on the banks of the Kaministiquia River near present day Thunder Bay.

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