Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fantastic Birchbark Canoe Raffle Happening Now

Paddling friend and Artist, Mike Ormsby has organized a fundraiser where the prize is a chance to win an authentic 13' bark canoe built by two well known builder's from Maniwaki Quebec - Jocko Carle and Basil Smith! These two builders were featured in David Gidmark's publication Building a Birchbark Canoe - The Algonquin Wabanaki Tciman.

Jocko Carle & Basil Smith Raffle Canoe
Addition photos: Facebook Album

The canoe is in great shape considering it is nearly 50 years old. It is constructed with a single piece of bark (rare these days) and needs some new lashings, a thwart and some re-pitching. If the fundraiser is successful, Mike will restore the canoe to be water worthy. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards future First Nation community canoe builds.

Tickets are just $100 and 100 will be available. A 1-in-100 chance are great odds for winning this boat. Mike is asking for payments to be done by e-transfer to or through PayPal. So far just 15 of the 100 have been sold and a deadline is approaching. So anyone interested in this chance should move fast.

Additional information or to contact Mike through facebook, check out this page HERE.

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