Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Historic Paddle Photo: Matt Bernard - Pikwàkanagàn FN Bark Canoe and Paddle

Illustrated Forest and Outdoors (January 1947) from the Canadian Forestry Association featured a 1 page article showcasing the bark canoe building of Matt Bernard of Golden Lake, Ontario  (now known as Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation).

The canoe and image look similar to the photo in the online exhibit Canoe Builders of Pikwàkanagàn where a better photo of the paddle profile is shown.

Location: Pikwakanagan Indian Reserve, Golden Lake, Ontario


Art said...

A year ago I acquired an antique band saw made in USA in the 1870s or '80s, which came with the provenance that it belonged to Matthew Bernard at Golden Lake. There are several references to him online including a movie made in the 1940s of him and his family building a bark canoe. I would really like to see a photo including the band saw.

Kearney_Linda said...

RIP my Grandfather's Friend.

R Bernard said...

RIP Tony Bernard your guidance feels like yesterday.

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