Friday, August 2, 2019

Blanchard's 2019 Adirondack Auction paddles

Blanchard's Auctions is hosting their Adirondack Auction beginning August 9th. Their online listings of items includes a variety of canoes and paddles.

First off, a vintage all wood canoe listed as a 16foot J.H. Rushton with half round ribs

Also included in the collection is a 72 1/2" long paddle with green painted blade and extended grip. It apparently appeared in a book, Ralph Kylloe's Cabin Collectibles on page 84.

Grip Closeup

Below is a photo of a birds-eye maple paddle from Boston maker F. Brodbeck. It is 68 1/4" long with a motif etched into the short handle base. The company was active from 1898 to 1930, so this paddle can be roughly dated.  For comparison sake, another Brodbeck paddle (with an H inscribed on the grip) was featured on this site here.

Blade Closeup
Etching closeup on grip

Another wide blade with broad handle is featured below This one is 69 1/2" long

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