Monday, February 17, 2020

Historic Paddle Art - View of Point Levy from Quebec - 1832

Here's another historic piece of Art by Canadian artist, Robert Auchmuty Sproule (1799 - 1845). Sproule apparently came to Lower Canada in 1826 and settled in Montreal. An accomplished water-colourist, he began painting scenes of his his new home. Over the years he began a fruitful relationship with publisher Adolphus Bourne and many of his works were featured in guidebooks. In 1832, Sproule travelled downstream to do similar vista paintings of Quebec City. The image below is taken from the traditional native encampment across the river at Point Levy, a popular spot for many 19th painters (click here to see some of the alternate views).

 View of Quebec from Point Levi-1832 
Robert A. Sproule

A closeup of Sproule's version features a paddle decorated with a red ZigZag motif down the blade...

This work by Sproule was also the basis for a lithograph done by William L. Walton (1830-1858) and now in the collection of the Toronto Public Library collection. It features crisper details but the paddle in this case is not decorated.

Quebec, Lower Canada, View of Quebec from Point Levy (Lauzon, Quebec)
Sproule, Robert Auchmuty, 1799-1845
Walton, William L. fl. 1830-1858, after
Picture, 1832, English
Provenance: Gift of J. Ross Robertson

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