Thursday, September 24, 2020

Historic Paddle Photo: Big Chief Thunder Loring

A photo from illustrating Penobscot Chief, Peter Nicola (left) showcasing craftwork over an overturned bark canoe. Two paddles are prominently displayed.

The description from the source link cites Peter Nicola as Chief of  the Oldtown Indian Tribe as identified by period handwriting on the back of the mat. No date is listed but some preliminary research revealed that the same photo identifies the other man on the right as "Big Chief Thunder" Frank Loring, this according to noted Wabanaki scholar Harald Prins in an article "Chief Big Thunder (1827-1906)" published in  Maine History Vol. 37 (3): 140-158.

Peter Nicola and Frank Loring according to Harald Prins

Given that Loring died in 1906, this photo must predate that time. 


P said...

I have a similar paddle listed on ebay now that ends today, Sunday Sept 27, 2020 that is 93" long, it is ebay number 133526837114 you may be interested in looking at.

Murat said...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately couldn't get a post up in time before your auction ended. Glad to see your paddle sold. A "permanent" post about your find can be found here

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