Saturday, January 9, 2016

Historic Paddle Illustration: C. Krieghoff - higher resolution image

Over the years I've posted on the various canoe-themed artwork of Cornelius Krieghoff (1815 – 1872). A 2010 writup discussed the paddle decoration on a well known painting - Indian Encampment at Falls.

Indian Encampment at Falls
Date: post 1846
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1989-508-1

Chevron Paddle Closeup

A relatively new online exhibit, Heritage Passages, features some more detailed full-sized images of historic Canadian artwork no longer in copyright. Among them is this same painting, albeit listed with a different title. Unfortunately, the high resolution image (3.2mb jpg) is in greyscale.

"Indian Bivouac at a Portage" a.k.a.
Indian Encampment at Falls.
Cornelius Krieghoff, Cornelius Krieghoff collection
Library and Archives Canada, accession number 1989-508-1, C-010693

Nonetheless, you can clearly make out the decorated paddle resting on the rolled pack cloth in the centre of the image, a further clue to the decorations on native paddles in this time period.

Paddle Closeup with rolled pack cloth

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