Monday, January 18, 2016

Craig Johnson's Northwoods Double Paddle

Paddling friend, Craig Johnson has posted a very creative take on the Northwoods Paddle over on the WCHA forums. This thread shows his idea of clipping two flat-gripped paddles with a cam-lock system to convert the setup into a double bladed kayak paddle.

Craig's Sassafras Northwoods Paddles

Closeup of Deer Antler Cam Locks

Flat grips clipped together

Craig's Converted Northwoods Double Paddle

Lately, I've seen more and more canoeists using double blade setups for challenging upwind conditions. Craig's solution is a very aesthetic and functional solution to carrying a long, cumbersome double-blade in addition to the usual single blades.

Not resting on his laurels over the holidays, Craig also posted another paddle made while in Florida. This one is a lovely piece of Chestnut...

 Craig's Chesnut Northwoods Paddle

Craig also posted some selfies of his paddle alter-ego relaxing by the pool and getting a nice bronze tan.

Funny pics!

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