Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maiden Canoe Voyage

With bright sunny skies and a bit of a brisk wind, I launched the model Attikamek Hunter's canoe into the pristine waters of my cottage lake. Here are some shots of event.

Laying on the grass by the shore

Posing next to a mother birch tree

Wavy & windy start...but she stayed afloat

Floating along the rocky shoreline

Brought into calmer waters by the dock

Coming in for a beach landing

I want to thank John Lindman at the Bark Canoe Store for putting together a kit with the raw materials as well as my wife for letting me hijack the dining room table for the past few months on this build. It has inspired me to want to build more birch bark crafts with serious intentions of making a full scale one. For now, this one is going on the cottage wall with a custom-made frame that I've already made plans for.


Bryan Sarauer said...

So how does she paddle? ;)


Murat said...

Very well! Now I just need to train our local chipmunk (Chippy) to paddle the thing and maybe I can start a carnival attraction.


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