Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paddle Edging Idea

While working on my model canoe, I've also been intently following Bryan's Boat Building & Paddling Blog while he constructed a kayak (a Flea) for his two beautiful daughters. He's now moved on to finalizing the production of custom paddles for the girls that began with a creative painting session on the blades.

In his followup post, he documents a creative idea for protecting the edging around the blades - using glued copper wire around the entire edge of the blade which is later protected with epoxy. The pics on his page document the process nicely and while I'm not much of a kayak paddler, his technique has me intrigued for experimenting with the idea in the future. Thanks for the idea Bryan and let us all know how the official launch goes!


Mungo said...

You're more famous than ever now:

Murat said...

Thanks for the link Mungo! I get a warm fuzzy feeling just knowing that other people read my stuff. I'm not much of a business type although after reading the post, my wife is surely going to expect a higher income bracket lifestyle in the future...oh the pressure!

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