Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cedar Canvas Marathon

Well, the marathon building course at Bearwood Canoes is over. Nine very intense building days coupled with the hour commute each way has been an endurance test for me, but after all the trials and tribulations, I've got me a sweet canoe. It still has to be painted and varnished after the filler has cured in about 4 weeks, but the actual building process is over. Here are some of the pics of the process.

Bending a rib

All ribs bent

Hand sanding the ribs

Garboards and Bottom boards planked

Hammering home the final gore tack

"Birthing" off the form

Hand sanding the exterior planking

Canvassing the boat

Attaching the outwales

Grinding down the rib tops

Seats, Portage Yoke and Stembands in


Unknown said...

Awesome! And beautiful detail on the portage yoke.

Bryan Sarauer said...

Wow, that was fast! Very nice Murat.

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing, how long have you been doing this for?

Anonymous said...

How much does it weight?

Murat said...

The boat is pretty light for a wood canvas canoe. This one is 48 pounds. The weight was kept down by not using any heavy ash in the construction...lightweight sitka for the inwales, cherry trim, and #12 canvas

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