Monday, January 12, 2009

Adirondack Guide Paddles

Summer Antiques in Lake Placid New York has some interesting paddles posted on their site including the following collection of Adirondack Guide Paddles with very interesting spherical grips

Assortment of Adirondack paddles

Adirondack Guide Grips

Also in the store is a Penobscot style paddle with a scalloped, step styled grip. It looks to have been painted and is now faded to a dreary grey colour. Personally, I wouldn't paint the whole paddle in such a manner, but perhaps the original owner used an oil based paint as a sealant instead of having access to spar varnish.

Penobscot Paddle

To top off the collection, check out this Abenaki Birchbark canoe (circa 1895). Looks to be in great shape with a nice patina on the faded bark.

c. 1895 Abenaki Canoe

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