Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maori Decorated Canoe Decks

Taking a break from the bark canoe, I decided to do some decorative work on my 14ft Cedar Canvas Gerrish replica built on the nine day course at Bearwood Canoes this past summer. I had previously posted on the decorated yoke burned with a Maori style abstract pattern and thought that decorating the cherry decks in a similar pattern would be a nice touch.

Installed decorated portage yoke

I took advantage of a brief day of mild temperatures (-2 Celsius) to burn the pattern onto the installed cherry decks. At this temperature, the pyrography tip could still turn out a hot enough temperature for the high heat pattern burn. Working on the decks was a bit akward given the positioning and the cold exposure on my bare hands, so the work was a little shaky. Still, given that the design is a contrasting abstract piece that isn't meant to be too crisp or formal, it turned out well.

Burning the decks

Close up of the deck

Interior View

The seats have since been removed and I'm planning to do some more decorative burning (in the cozy indoors) before the interior varnishing and exterior painting begin in the spring.

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David said...

Love it!!! I'm thinking that I might have to add a little maori art to my greenland paddle when I get around to it for Kia Ora. Great to meet you @ paddlefest, hope to see you out on the water.

Paddle Safe and Often

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