Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Canoe Gift

Merry Christmas to everyone! This year I got a special gift...some ME time to work on the bark canoe up at the cottage while my wife's cousins help out with our 3 month old. Despite the freezing temps, I set to work in the garage making some canoe slings to fit on metal saw-horses with some scrap 4x4 cedar posts and old carpet.

Canoe on slings

With the canoe safely resting on the soft carpet slings, the next job was to install the permanent thwarts that I had carved months before. These needed to be mortised into the inwales and required some trial and error shaping. I had brought up my portable shaving horse from the city on this trip and this helped while carving with the mini crooked knife and spokeshave. It took a while, but eventually all the thwarts were in nicely.

Working on the shaving horse

Mortising in the centre thwart

Holes were drilled into the thwarts and with some of the remaining spruce roots I had on hand (soaked in a "cooler" of hot water), the permanent thwarts in place. Even though my lashing job isn't as neat as many other canoes I've seen, the whole canoe seems very sturdy. Here's what it looks like now...

Canoe with permanent thwarts


Bryan Sarauer said...

Looks great Murat. I love the thwarts, amazing!
Merry Christmas, I hope you and your family are all well this holiday.

Mungo said...

That's looking really good, nice work. Nice to have the time to work on the canoe.

So it turns out that it is a small world... apparently my mother in law had tea at your mum's house recently - i think... Your mum is my wife's doctor, or something like that.

So it goes!



beaversss said...

That is really a beautiful center thwart! I have never seen one decorated in that fashion before. Keep up the good work eh.


Murat said...

Thanks! Your compliments are much appreciated!

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