Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cedar Duckling Paddle

Back in the late summer, I attempted carving a mini Bushcraft style paddle from a cedar log for my yet-to-born baby boy. It was a fun attempt on a nice afternoon, carving next to the lake with some baby ducklings for some company.

Working with the crooked knife

Duckling company

The paddle's been sitting in the locker room since then and with some much needed relaxation required, I set out to decorate the blade with some free hand burnings of ducklings. White cedar has never been a desired wood for pyrography - its soft nature and open grain with plenty of knots leads doesn't burn evenly. So the result is pretty speckled and uneven, but I don't think my boy will mind when he plays with it.

Ducklings on the blade

The whole paddle


A said...

What a beautiful piece this is. You do good work, sir.

Love your blog. Peace to you.

Murat said...

Many thanks for the compliments. Likewise, your blog is a source meaningful, contemplative inspiration. A fantastic photo on your main page too. Is that you paddling solo in the canoe?

A said...

No, sadly, that particular photo is not me. I wish it were.

Thanks for your compliments as well.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow woodburner, I think you did a fantastic job on the paddle regardless of the uneveness, its awesome

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