Friday, February 20, 2009

Francois Rothan's Beautiful Bark Canoes

One of my favourite YouTube videos is Francois Rothan's fantastic short on his bark canoe build. His video which shows the build taking place on a platform in his garage was a major inspiration for me to tackle my own bark canoe project. A while back I stumbled on his Photobucket Gallery with some additional photos of some his other builds. Francois has since set up his own blogger page,, to showcase his beautiful canoes. Here are some shots below...very impressive stuff!

15 ft Malecite style

16 ft Malecite style

12 ft Algonquin style

13 ft Algonquin style

Now I'm starting to get embarrased about posting pics of my crudely lashed and comparatively ugly canoe, but we all have to start somewhere right? In any event there is a fantastic resurgence of interest in bark canoes and once you attempt to construct your own, one quickly gains a greater appreciation for those who've acquired the amazing skills to build these sophisticated craft. Well done Francois!

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