Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mike Connelly's Canoe Art

While searching for more paddle related artwork, I came across a site called Connelly Photo documenting the canoe art of the late Mike Connelly (set up by his daughter, Sarah). Connelly's skill with the paintbrush is quite evident - lots of rich colours and details that only a patient hand could portray. I've never really been able to paint very well despite years of lessons as a kid. If I could paint, I envision Mike's style as the type I'd emulate. My favourite work is entitled Rusty's Canoe Camp, pictured below. The beavertail paddle with the rich grain pattern (looks like ash, perhaps?) and a worn canvas pack in camp reminds me of wonderful canoe trips from my past. Much more of Mike's online gallery of art can be seen here.

Rusty's Canoe Camp
Mike Connelly

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