Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rick Nash Maliseet Paddles

Master birchbark canoe builder and artisan Rick Nash recently sent me an email and thoughtfully attached pics of his latest paddle creation for a client. An absolutely gorgeous Maliseet (or Maliceet) style paddle made from hand split cherry and rubbed with red ochre. The stunning chip carving was done with a jackknife and a nail. The delicate spined blade comes complete with a carved drip ring at the throat. Wow!

Rick's Beautiful Paddle

As some of you might have noticed, I've become more interested in tribal decorative patterns recently. I find the curved motifs and geometric designs really stunning. The patience and artistry required for such delicate carving is a testament to the maker's skills. My attempts at chip carving have yielded results too embarrassing to post online. A few readers of the blog have inquired about commissioning chip carved decorative paddles from me and frankly, for the time being, this sort of decoration is out of my league. If any of you are interested in paddles like this, Rick is the man to contact.

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