Sunday, January 10, 2010

George Douglas Bushcraft Survival Paddle

With my own failed attempt at a bushcraft paddle this past summer, I was inspired by this nearly century old bushcraft paddle on display at the Canadian Canoe Museum that has a bit of significant history. It was carved by George Douglas, who led an Arctic expedition in 1911 to search for minerals in the Coppermine River watershed. His book about the journey entitled, Lands forlorn : a story of an expedition to Hearne's Coppermine River, is noteworthy for its attention to detail and superb photographs. An online copy of the book is available at The paddle carved from knotted spruce is quite weathered but still looks functional. Curious to note an absence of any grip.

Douglas' Spruce bush paddle



Lee said...

How did he end up finding the paddle?

thanks for the free e-book link. It's amazing the Canadian literature we never hear of.


Murat said...

Not sure how he ended up finding it, but there's an interesting article about the journey in Che-Mun edition 132 (.pdf format) entitled "Lands Reborn" (pg. 6) talking about how the book is now in print again. The article has a has a photo of the remains of the cabin where Douglas wintered and other interesting pics if this story has wet your appetite.

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