Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Young's Antiques Paddles

Here are some paddles from Young's Antiques in Belleville, Ontario and the accompanying description from their site.

Vintage Canoe Paddles

Item #230 a-d ( Left to right)

a. c1940 Hand-Carved Oak Paddle, Eastern Ontario - 57" L x 5.5" w - $165.0
b. Old, Painted Red Paddle, c1930's, nice surface 59" L x 6.5" W - $345.00
c. c1925 Marsh Paddle, Original Paint, One of a Kind - $395.00
d. c1960 Hand Carved Cherry Paddle - $145.00

Item c, the Marsh Paddle has an interested grip that I've never seen before, like a grip on a shovel. As ergonomic as it seems for clearing snow, I'm not sure if it'll be that comfortable while paddling. Either way, its unique explaining the higher list price.


Anonymous said...

Is the handle of the marsh paddle carved in one piece?

Murat said...

Can't make it out too well in their pic, but it is certainly possible to carve out and shape. There's a photo in Graham Warren's Paddle Making book of a decorated paddle grip with a heart shape cutout and a roundish grip carved as a one piece, kind of an aesthetic version of this one.

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