Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antique Maine Guide Paddle

Came across this EBay ad (just 8 hrs left in the auction) for an antique Maine Guide style paddle with the following description...

Recently found here in Maine. A very old, entirely handmade and hand decorated, 66"long Maine canoe paddle. Initialed F.L.R. on one side of top of grip and Nokomis Bangor on reverse, this is one of the nicer antique paddles thatI've found in a long time. One side of the paddle blade is decorated with a polychromed Indian Chief & 2 crossed paddles while the other side is free of decoration. Made from what appears to be a soft maple, this measures 66"long and 5.5"wide at the middle of the blade. Alligatored varnish finish throughout except where varnish is worn down to the wood. 3" split at bottom of blade.

Seller: mctiques

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