Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paddle Map Artwork

Here's an interesting bit of historically significant paddle art. The David Drummond designed book cover of The Woman Who Mapped Labrador which details the amazing canoe journey of Mina Hubbard. Details of her route were superimposed onto the paddle for the cover art. If I ever complete an epic wilderness journey one day, this might be a great way to commemorate the trip.

Hubbard's sole motivation was to complete the journey begun by her Husband, Leonidas, who died on the original expedition. She blamed his death on the ineptitude of his traveling companion, Dillon Wallace and decided to avenge her husband a few years later by completing the journey in his stead with no outdoor experience to her credit. Not to be outdone by a city woman, Wallace also set out to complete the journey and a competition of honor ensued. Wallace seemed to have an aversion to using local knowledge and help, but Hubbard did not reject the concept. By relying on Naskapi and Innu guides she completed the journey first.

Dillon Wallace, 15 July 1903

The Virtual Museum of Canada has an online exhibit of photos regarding the first Hubbard expedition and the subsequent one by Wallace which has some great photos of the group with their expedition paddles and other gear. Note the length the paddle which might've helped with poling in the shallow, rocky waters, but I can't picture this being anything but cumbersome when paddling except in the deepest of waters.


photographeratlarge said...

Putting the map of a trip looks great on a paddle. I made a paddle as a gift for friend when we went on a trip down the South Saskatchewan River. I painted the part of the river we would travel. My painting skills left a bit to be desired but it was passable and he loved it. I want to try again but haven't figured out a good way to print it on so it looks like the photo you posted. If you do one please share your technique!

Michael said...

Vielen Dank für Ihren Blog. Meine Frau und ich sind auch begeisterte Kanufahrer. Meine Paddel sind alle selbst hergestellt und orientieren sich an historischen Vorbildern. Es sind verschiedene Beavertailpaddel mit, für heutige Zeit langen Blättern. Ihr Blog gibt mir Anregungen und das nächste Projekt ist schon in Arbeit. Ein Steuerpaddel mit 74cm Blattlänge und 15cm Breite sowie unsymmetrischem Palmengriff. Viel Erfolg bei ihren Bemühungen. Grüße aus Deutschland!

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