Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artist Profile: David Wright Canoe Art

Continuing this historical art theme, I came across the artwork of David Wright. At first I could only find a few pics with a canoe theme, including the lovely work, "Quiet Reflections". It features a decorated paddle featuring a red grip and blade, very akin to the fur trade / voyageur paddles of the day.

A solitary Woodland Indian fishes
from his birchbark canoe in a serene setting

David graciously emailed an image gallery of his other works featuring bark canoes of various, including Maliseet, Fur Trade, and old style Alonguin.

His most haunting work is that "The Captives" which features an emotional scene with an unknown ending that leaves the audience in suspense.

It turns out that David has thoroughly researched these various canoe shapes and models and even has some practical experience in paddling them. He owns a 14 foot Old Style Algonquin canoe that he has paddled in the Boundary Waters. If the lines of the canoe look familiar, it served as the "model" for The Captives piece above.

David's 14ft Old-Style Algonquin Bark Canoe

Many thanks to David for allowing me to share these beautiful paintings with you.

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