Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Artist Profile: Martin Bellmann Canoe Art

Martin Bellmann is a self taught artist who has made some lovely paintings feature the bark canoe theme. His web page of Historical Art has wonderfully descriptive captions of his artwork. Below is a piece entitled "First Light"

"First Light"

I really enjoy the color of the wake behind the canoe reflecting the first glints of sunrise...the ideal time to capture a Blue Heron taking off in the distance. The paddles seem to reflect a more tradition, pointed beavertail shape

Another piece is "Forgotten Voices" which features a couple paddling alongside tall cliffs. I really like the perspective of this piece and the sense of movement through the water. The bow paddler looks to have a large Northwoods style paddle with a slightly elongated grip.

Forgotten Voices

There's a similar granite rock face on my cottage lack (nicknamed "Hastings Rock" by the locals) that serves as a diving platform for the more adventurous. Seeing this painting makes me eager to get the bark canoe out of storage and back on the water where it belongs.

Many thanks to Martin for permission to reproduce his work and for the inspirational art. More paintings please!

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