Thursday, April 29, 2010

Badger Paddle Sock

Fiona and Mike Ramsay of Badger Canoe Paddles graciously sent my a new paddle accessory as a product test (thank you!). Descriptively called a Paddle Sock, it is a stretchy knitted material that serves to protect the paddle from scratches and dings from rough handling.

The Paddle Sock seems quite narrow right out of the package, but it easily slips over the grip and shaft of my Heirloom Paddle and nicely stretched to accomodate the blade.

The end can be simply cinched closed with the drawcord or the the excess material can be folded back onto itself and held in place by looping the elastic drawcord over the face of the blade as in the pics below.

I wanted to try it on my widest paddle, the Arctic Whitewater display paddle with an 8 inch wide blade. It was pretty tight, but the material did stretch sufficiently to accommodate this design.

Certainly, it fit some of my other designs, including the ultra narrow, but lengthy Solo Sparrow.

I was curious to see if the pointed end of the Fusion Paddle would protrude through the knit fabric, but the material seemed strong enough to tolerate this rare paddle design too.

All in all, a very versatile and practical product for the reasonable price of $18.95 CND. Compared to many of the high end, fleece lined canvas paddle bags from Duluth or Frost River, this material is certainly thin and wouldn't protect against severe dings from dropped paddles or objects crashing onto them, but for the price and usability, this is a great little accessory to protect against more common scars and careless scratches on your valuable paddle.

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Hey, nice sock Murat!

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