Monday, April 19, 2010

Soft Maple Northwoods with Rippled Grip - Part 3

Finally got the chance to complete the Maple Northwoods paddle I had been working on since last fall (see Part 1 & Part 2). It's been a while since I've been able to post a new paddle pic in the slideshow gallery.

Over the last few months, I kept it in my den and worked on the decorative pyrography whenever the boy gave me a chance. Nearly complete last month, I heard a ruckus as he grabbed the paddle when I wasn't looking and proceeded to drag it by the blade letting the grip scrape across the stone flooring. Then he decided to run it over with with toy truck and walk up and down the shaft as a kind of trapeze act.

Goofing around

Caught red handed

Good thing I made this out of maple, it came out of the ordeal unscathed. The chip carving pattern along the edges of the blade was continued up the shaft - the first time I ended up decorating a paddle from grip to tip. Here are some shots of the final work before oiling the paddle. The decoration on the tip was meant to be replica of the antique-style copper tips protectors I had posted on earlier.

Completed Paddle

Blade Closeup with "Copper Tip"

Grip Closeups


Bob Holtzman said...

Murat, you are a bloody marvel. Breathtaking! (Nice work not beating the boy, too.)

beaversss said...

Nice work there Murat,,,,,,,,,,,
Hey; I have a new book out that you may enjoy. Its called BEAVER BARK CANOES and is available by going to my website and click on NEW BOOK

Lee said...

Awesome as per!

Bob Easton said...


Murat said...

Thanks all!

Ferdy, congrats on your new book. I had started writing a post about it and will get it up soon. Noticed some beautiful cree style paddles with red painted decoration in the preview. Do you have more photos of these and your other paddles you'd be willing to share for the site?

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