Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Historic Paddle Photo - Maliseets at Kingsclear FN

Found a historic photo of some Maliseet paddlers from Kingsclear First Nation. Apparently this photo was taking in 1887 in celebration of Corpus Christi Day. Beautiful bark canoes, traditional dress and even a priest are in view.

Original Photo

Some enlarged shots of the standing paddlers in regalia show some beautiful, long paddles with a traditional Maliseet grip style.

Paddle Closeup


Justin said...

That is beautiful, I am Maliseet, and very pround of this great mean of transportation and sport.

Anonymous said...

I come from Kings Clear my dad was from their It’s so beautiful to come across photos of my people who ever put them together thank you . I was looking for a picture of Stanly Paul A veteran and the other was A man we called Uncle Dave (David) Margot Polchies do you brother well i think he is any way For those men thank you for your service and all the community’s people the went to the war

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