Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paddle Auction for Cancer

Back at the MEC Paddlefest in June, I met David Donaldson, who was displaying his homemade stitch and glue kayak and had intentions of making his own greenland style paddle. We've been in touch since and he let me know about his efforts to raise money for Cancer Research with the Annual Kayak for a Cure Event in nearby Mississauga, held this year on September 18th.

In support of his cause, I've donated one of my paddles to be auctioned off - the walnut-poplar Adirondack style paddle.

Whole Paddle; Barred Owl Decoration

More details about this event and David's efforts can be found on his Fundraising Site which includes mention of bidding by email to

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Bryan Sarauer said...

Hi Murat,
Great on you!

I was browsing the MEC Outdoorgearswap and came across the posting for this paddle. I thought it looked familiar so I looked closer - sure enough I was right!

I hope the auction goes well.


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