Tuesday, August 17, 2010

W. Granville Smith - Rose Among Lillies

A while back, I wrote a post about some interested canoe related art from OldPuzzles.com which featured an image of a high-society lady paddling a canoe. The image was a painting by W. Granville Smith entitled a "Rose Among Lillies". Found an EBay item that shows another painting with a closeup of the detail.

"Rose Among Lillies"
W. Granville Smith, 1896


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Anonymous said...

This is a great image! It looks like the paddle blade and the puffy sleeves have a 1:1 ratio and the shaft and the hat feather has a 3:1 ratio. If you haven't found it already,The Voyage of the Paper Canoe has some ok images [online at Google Books]. My favorite is the one with the alligator, I think it's on the frontis page.

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