Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrity Paddles - Frederic Remington Photo

Came across an exciting new resource for canoe history junkies. The LA84 Foundation has all the archived issues of Outing magazine which features some fantastic reads (all in .PDF format)

Outing was a late-nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American magazine covering a variety of sporting activities. It began publication in 1882 as The Wheelman and had four title changes before ceasing publication in 1923. Since all of these US works were published before 1923, they are considered to be public domain according to US Copyright Law so over the next little while I'll be featuring some great articles and photos.

To start off, I found an article entitled, "Frederic Remington, the Man" by Edwin Wildman. It documents the personality of one of America's most well-known illustrators and outdoor artists. The article also includes a stunning photo of the artists by the shore holding his paddle and his birchbark canoe by the shallows.

With his bark canoe

Paddle Closeup

Some of Remington's paintings feature a bark canoe with a dramatic sheerline (online gallery here and here). It seems his real canoe served as the model for one of my favourite pieces of his, Coming to the Call (1905)

Coming to the Call
Frederic Remington
c. 1905

The Howl of the Weather, aka The Squall
1905/6, published 1907 in Collier's Weekly


Mike said...

Huge find....thanks for sharing

Frederic Remington said...

Remington was also a big fan of Rushton canoes, which he liked to paddle with a double bladed paddle. See photos here: and here:

Mike said...

Outing has an interesting connection to Hubbard/Wallace saga....Hubbard was an assistant editor of Outing....both wrote several articles for....

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