Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Historic Photos - Paddling & Poling Quebec

Here is a 1926 photo of a French-Canadian guide in a canoe in the Laurentides region in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Great shot dismissing the common warning of never standing up in a canoe!

1926 Canoe Guide, Laurentides, Quebec
Year: 1926
Type: Original Photogravure
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A closeup of the paddle reveals a very slender blade with a distinct spinal ridge. Seems to be somewhat consistent with the ideal paddle of Paul Provencher from the similar North Shore region of Quebec.

Paddle Closeup

October 25, 2015 Update: Found an older source for the above image dated to 1914. Click HERE for that post update.

From the same seller is a 1902 photo of a man poling up a tiny stream

Man Canoeing Canoe Stream
Photograph by William Lyman Underwood.
Year: 1902
Type: Original Halftone Print

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