Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moosehead Beer Canoe Givewaway

Iconic Canadian brewery, Moosehead,  is running a promotion called Moosehead Journey where they visit various artisans across our wonderful country and showcase their talents. The latest episode features the fine canoe workmanship of Larry Bowers of West Country Canoes out in Eckville, Alberta. Check out this sweet video clip...

Fantastic shots of a gorgeous cedar canvas canoe that just also happens to be the prize in a draw. The contest (only open to Canadian residents) requires you visit the Moosehead facebook page, click the "giveaway" tab, hit the "like" button and enter in some details. The contest closes soon on July 8th so not too much time remaining. 

I'm not on facebook but my wife is, so "we" entered the contest together. Technically, our chances of winning are better if no one else knew about this sweet contest, but my canoe-loving (and beer loving) conscious couldn't keep this away from everyone. Besides a 5th canoe isn't go to be easy to store or explain to the neighbours. So if any of my fellow Canadians want a chance a winning a gorgeous cedar canvas canoe then here's your chance!

No purchase of their beer is necessary, but my basement fridge in my newly refurbished mancave is newly stocked with their summer sale 28 pack the Moose!


Anonymous said...

Darn! I missed seeing this in time as I was in the Adirondacks at the WCHA Assembly -followed by a short paddle (Section 3) of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Murat said...

Not sure who won the canoe since the draw was supposed to be on July 8...wasn't us otherwise I would posted about it right away. Always wanted to paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail...I have the guidebook and many of the maps. Do you have pics of your trek on section 3?

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