Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sassafras Northwoods Part 2

Here's an update on the next paddle I was working on - the sassafras Northwoods style paddle modelled after the one in the Hudson Museum in Maine...

Hudson Museum Paddles (Credit: Bob Holtzman)

Took advantage of the cool down in the weather to finally get some carving done in the backyard. It's been scorching here in Toronto for what feels like forever! Progress on the blade was moving along nicely. Love the smell of those Sassafras shavings while you work...

For the handle, a few stop cuts with a saw and then some work with the axe and crooked knife to clean up a bit.

Everything was going well, the grip was being rasped down to shape and then I had the urge to check the flex...SNAP!

I suppose this could've been avoided by using precision power tools but it just isn't my thing.  Still want to salvage what I  can from this project. Thought of continuing to work on the blade and rounding off the remaining shaft. Maybe my 4 yr old  can use it like a wooden tennis racket with a beach ball or something. Was thinking of carving some old school wooden tent stakes  from the left over handle part.

Any readers have some  creative ideas of what to do with these pieces?  I've already  posted a thread on BushcraftUSA asking folks the same question and some ideas are flowing in. Apparently my thread got removed because the mods think I'm a vendor trying to sell "a product". Oh well. In the meantime, if any readers here have suggestions of what to do with busted pieces, then feel free to leave a comment.


beaversss said...

If the wood broke that easily just flexing then it was a poor piece of stock to begin with.

Canoe Sailor said...

It may be against tradition but if I had it I'd glass on a new shaft. The blade seems fine. I know glass shafts and blades are not supposed to go together but I am happy to have them.

Anonymous said...

How might the "use of power tools" changed the outcome. You can't not check the flex although it always worries me to watch someone else flexing one of my paddles.

Anonymous said...

Keep the paddle end - with the ragged end and finish it - carve a scene - and mount it to the wall as art.

Exploriment said...

Gee, you too huh?

I've stopped posting on BushcraftUSA, because any time I showed any thing I've made, my posts were removed and I was put on "probation" for violating the rules, because someone got it into their head that I am selling stuff. Wrong.

I had had enough of the powers that be over there jumping to conclusions and assuming things, so I decamped for friendlier climes.

Good riddance.

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