Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outing - Vintage Canoe Camp Pics

Here are a few pics of traditional canoe camp from a brief photo journal article which appeared in  Outing, Volume LXVI, Issue 6 (September 1915),  entitled, "BY CANVAS AND BIRCHBARK" by George MacDougall (.pdf file).

These pics showcase the canoe, the paddles, and tents as well as the traditional tump-line carry method of duffle bag and wannigan. A reflector oven is in the foreground by the firepit. The original captions for the photos are reproduced below.
Carrying Your Own Weight
It can be done for a short distance, with practice, but the average pack should not weigh over a hundred pounds for ordinary going. The tump line will ease the strain, but be sure to keep the weight high without any sharp corners gouging into the middle of your back.

The ideal camp, like a modern kitchen, is compact and orderly. Experience and habit teach one to keep the bedding, the grub box, and the cooking utensils within narrow confines to prevent waste of time as well as loss of articles.

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