Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vintage Ivory Soap Canoe Ads

Here are some vintage Ivory Soap ads featuring a canoeing theme. This first one features some paddles. The slightly flared blade design looks similar to the Attikamekw design (one of my favourites for soloing). Is it me or are the women doing all the camp chores while the men lounge about?

1909 Ad
Ivory Soap Camping Chores 
Ebay Seller: Period Paper

This next ad features a more rustic camp with an overturned canoe and paddle. Of course, back in 1912, washing up right by the shore with soap was considered acceptable. Turn away if this offends any modern day Leave No Trace folks where washing needs to be done 70 meters away from a water source...

1912 Ad
Ivory Soap Canoe Wilderness Care 
Ebay Seller: Period Paper


Unknown said...

Still in search of the perfect or "best" camping soap.
Perhaps Ivory is the answer.

Unknown said...

In search of the perfect camping soap, maybe Ivory is the answer?

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