Saturday, September 5, 2015

Historical Paddle Photo: Update and Correction

Found out a correction to one of my favourite classic paddling photos...

 Original Post & Photo Source HERE 

When I first came across this photo on the Wooden Canoe forums, no one could identify who the people were (although there was agreement on the canoe builder). Later in 2011 I had come across an Ebay ad with this same photo claiming the individuals were actors Joel McCrea & Maureen O'Sullivan so added this bit of info to the post. At the time there was no source to the movie still.

While searching for more canoe related movie pics, I recently stumbled on the same image on and discovered some more details as well as a noted correction.

Turns out the photo is a still from the 1934 film The Richest Girl in the World and the actress in canoe is not Maureen O'Sullivan (the original Jane in the Tarzan films) but rather Fay Wray, the female lead in the original King Kong movie (1933). Being Canadian born might explain why she looks very comfortable lounging around in a canoe.

The wikipedia post for the film also includes a colourized film poster that features a mirrored image of this still in the bottom corner.

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File:The Richest Girl in the World.jpg
Uploaded by Laboris Dulcedo
Uploaded: 19 November 2013

Now that I knew who the folks were in the canoe, I did some more digging and found another photo still of the scene, although I much prefer the first photo

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