Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sassafras Guide Paddle - Slowly back to carving

Well after receiving a wonderful batch of Sassafras stock from friend Craig Johnson last summer, I've finally had time to properly cut a paddle blank out. Since converting my cherry guide paddle into an heirloom gift from my 2nd son, I've wanted to replicate the original design to serve as a heavy user tripping paddle.

Unfortunately with 2 active boys at home and other projects on the go, it's been quite a while since the shaving horse has seen any usage. After being stored outside in a sheltered spot under an outdoor table, the horse has come out a bit weathered but still functional.

Here is the blank cut out...

A new paddle in the works

At this early stage, the edges of the paddle have been smoothed down and the carving lines all marked out for carving. I still use the method taught years ago at the Canadian Canoe Museum paddle workshop. If readers care to see that tutorial, you can read a step by step method in one of my earliest earliest  posts from way back in January, 2008.

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