Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Circa 1900 Adirondack Steering Paddle

LiveAuctioneers has another post-auction listing of a unique Adirondack Steering paddle featuring the distinct diamond grip style.

Surface decorated with (2) stars and mountain lion.
Length 67 inches

The polished and slightly worn grip has an oval, egg liked top grip with the flattened diamond section decorated with a star motif...

While not fully visible in the overall paddle view, there is a burned decoration of a mountain lion on the blade.

Many other Adirondack paddles have been featured on the site before (see other posts here). For those who might have missed it, Dr. Gordon L. Fisher published an excellent book back in 2008 thoroughly discussing the interesting history of the paddles in this region.

It also features detailed plans and woodworking tips for carving replicas of surviving Adirondack paddles in museums.  Downloadable PDF excerpts provide a preview of the content.

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