Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2015 Cherry Gallery Paddles

The December list of current items on feature more vintage paddles up for sale. This single lot of eight paddles comes from Maine. A few have been painted and carved with distinct grip styles, very similar to the classic Penobscot "step grip". They date between 1850-1900 and vary from 63" to 76" in length. What a beautiful collection!

Native American Canoe Paddles
These eight paddles were collected over a number of years by a couple who recently sold their Maine home and its contents. They are all early, Native American-made canoe paddles with sculptural form and appealing surface.
Circa 1850-1900
from 63" - 76" high
 (priced individually or in lots - for more)

CherryGallery's monthly post also features a pair of miniature paddles with some lovely etching decorations.

Pair of Model Canoe Paddles
 The incised-carved decoration on these handmade canoe paddles is very similar to the traditional decoration on Penobscot clubs.
Circa 1900
Each - 4" w, 31" h

The ornamental decoration on the paddle blades has a fern-like theme. The etchings go down part of the shaft onto the shoulders and continue again at the tip. 

Most interesting is the etching done on the grip surface.  Very decorative...

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David said...

Ho, I really like 2-4 and 6(from left)... And those etched paddle are quite nice to. I need to try dome "carving" on a paddle this year!!

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