Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Historic Paddle Illustration: Frances Anne Hopkins - Explorer's Camp

I've previously posted about the famous voyageur paintings of Frances Anne Hopkins which clearly illustrate the decorative styles of paddles used by these hardy canoemen. Here's another painting entitled "The Explorer's Camp" dated to circa 1891.

The Explorer's Camp
Accession Number: 952.168.1
Painter: Frances Anne Hopkins
Physical Dimensions: w31.1 x h27.8 cm
Provenance:Sigmund Samuel Collection
Type: Painting
Medium: watercolour on wove paper
Royal Ontario Museum - Google Cultural Institute Link 

A closeup of the paddles reveal the commonly used bright red paint on the narrow blades...

Paddle Closeups

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David said...

Wow Look at that paddle in front there the tip look all chewed up!!! I really like those painting!!


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