Thursday, February 18, 2016

Max Neukäufler - Woodsmans Finest Paddles

There's a new, talented craftsman here in Ontario who has started to make some unique  paddles while keeping in spirit with Native traditions. Max Neukäufler is originally from Austria and has been travelling around the world crafting and studying. He is currently living in the prime canoe area of Bobcaygeon for a year crafting full time.

Max's specialty is to carve spoons, bowls and kuksas the old Swedish way using only a carving axe and several straight and bent knives. He also makes knifes and does the accompanying leatherwork. His business is called Woodsmans Finest. His Instagram feed and Facebook page have some lovely shots of his rustic workshop and quality products.

Recently,  Max also has begun carving paddles 100% by hand, carving his selected green wood by axe and drawknife until finishing up with a crooked knife. No sandpaper or machines. He has been experimenting with designs and decoration and am very glad this little blog site has been a source of some inspiration.

Max will be exhibiting his wares at the upcoming Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, starting tomorrow Feb 19th - 21st. Anyone with an interest in traditional carving should drop by and visit him at booth 553.

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