Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Luke McNair's Crooked Knives

Paddle maker Luke McNair has been quite busy as of late making some mocotaugans / crooked knives. The blades are made from O1 tool steel and shaped by hand with files! Each of the handles are carved the traditional way with an axe plus knife and then finally burnish with antler. The right handed knife shown below was a present for a friend. It features a carving of her dog that always crosses his paws. What a great way to personalize a knife handle!

This left handed knife with the initials “E.S.” was carved as a gift for Elspeth Soper who also built a Cree style canvas canoe and documented it well on her blog. Both this handles and the previous were carved from Rowan (also known as Mountain-Ash), which Luke collected from a fallen tree a while ago.

This final knife is one Luke deservedly made for myself. The handle is spalted beech.

Beautiful work Luke! Don't go disappearing under a mountain of wood shavings!


Chris Fisher said...

Wow - amazing - so nice!

David said...

Great work Luke. Spalted beech, you have to love some spalted beech... Any beech for that matter!!!

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