Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Paddle Pics from Max N

Max N of Woodsmans Finest has sent in another pic of his paddle creations. New amongst this set is the paddle in the centre decorated with the classic Scarlet Red HBC point blanket colours...

Photo courtesy Max Neukäufler

For a while,  Hudson's Bay was offering a generic laminated paddle decorated with this colour scheme (see link to my previous post here), but it no longer seems available on the company site. Max's version decorated with natural milk paints on the blade and grip looks much finer in my opinion

HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY Scarlet 60 inch Paddle

Along with spoons, knives and firesteels, Max has also branched out to include leather tumplines. Here's a sample of his work if anyone is interested in obtaining one...

Photo courtesy Max Neukäufler

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