Sunday, May 8, 2016

Circa 1900 Maple Penobscot Paddle

The May Current Selections of the features a hefty Maple paddle with a massive 8" wide beavertail blade and traditional Penobscot stepped grip...

Penobscot Canoe Paddle
This Native American maple canoe paddle has a wide beaver tail blade and a wide grip. The stepped handle is a traditional form that was made by Penobscot guides working in the Moosehead Lake (Maine) region.
Circa 1900
8" w, 72" h

The photos include a great lateral shot of the stepped grip, showing how the handle gradually tapers down in thickness. Might be useful for anyone attempting to replicate this style of comfortable grip pattern.

Penobscot stepped grip lateral view

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David said...

That step grip look a lot like a birch paddle I made this winter....

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