Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wool Blanket Kids Canoe Pack

After making the father & son set of wool tripping sweaters, some surplus blanket material was left over. I was wondering about what to do with these scraps when I stumbled upon a new 2016 collection being made by the folks at Duluth Pack. Seems like they've branched away from canvas as their only product material and are now making packs out of wool blankets.

Their prices are getting a bit too obscene for me, with this little pack retailing for $225 US before shipping. But at least it became the source of inspiration. There were just enough blanket remnants to make a small canoe pack for my older son.

My boy was involved in the process and wanted two important features to him - a pocket in the front to slip in paper for drawing stuff and some way to hold a blanket on top. This was because he saw a backpack like this being used in favourite cartoon show at the moment, Kung Fu Panda.

After doing some experimenting with the material, we had enough to make a box style pack (dimensions =  15" h x 11" w x 6" d ) and basically decided to mimic the style and function of my Canadian made Woods 200 pack. The seams are hand stitched but since this will be a light duty pack seeing occasional use, they should hold up fine. Of course it isn't waterproof but I've got an unused drybag that should fit nicely on the inside to keep contents from getting soaked.

Some leather straps and roller buckles left over from an unsatisfactory attempt at making snowshoe bindings were reused here. Below are some photos of the pack stuffed with clothes and other stuff to give it shape.

Front View

Rear View

Like the Woods packs, the side panels extend up a little to form flaps. Some grommets and paracord tie them together to partially secure the load. A large square of scrap blanket was sewn on the interior of the front side to form a slip pocket.

The long straps can be crossed over when closing like the first photo or be used to secure something on top. Here is a fleece blanket roll that we used for the photo.

I've since added a piece of oil tanned leather the the bottom to give it a little more protection and stiffness. He likes it and is getting more excited about our planned canoe camping trip this summer.

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David said...

Your's is so much nicer than the Duluth one!! Way to go!

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